Swedish universities in Baltic University Programme

18 Swedish universities have joined the Baltic University Programme.

                    Contact: Lars Emmelin, e-mail

                    Contact: Karin Bengtsson, e-mail

                    Contact: Teresia Svensson, e-mail

                    Contact: Bo Bergbäck, e-mail

                    Contact: Karin Axelsson-Grafström, e-mail

                    Contact: Joe Strahl, e-mail

                    Contact: Per Berg, e-mail or Christine Jacobsen, e-mail

                    Contact: Per-Olof Persson, e-mail or Erik Levlin, e-mail

                    Contact: Lena Rodhe, e-mail

                    Contact: Per Berg, e-mail or Madaleine Granvik, e-mail

                    Contact: Besime Uyanik, e-mail

                    Contact: Daniel Andersson, e-mail

                     Contact: Kerstin Wallström, e-mail

                    Contact: Carina Eriksson, e-mail

                    Contact: Christian Andersson e-mail or Maria Hejna  e-mail 

                    Contact: Mikael Granberg, e-mail


Contact us

Centre Director

Prof. Lars Emmelin
Tel: +46 455 385 310
e-mail: lars.emmelin@bth.se

National Contact Point

Prof. Lars Emmelin
Tel: +46 455 385 310
e-mail: lars.emmelin@bth.se


Pia Lindahl
Tel: +46 455 385 529
e-mail: pia.lindahl@bth.se



Courses at BTH

European Spatial Planning

Regional Development and Urban Planning

Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability

Sustainable Product-service System Innovation

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